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Green Room - Week 39 - Day 3

Like a car on fire crashing into a dynamite factory – LJ IDOL Season 8 is coming to an end!


Which means you have one last chance to decide who you want to win this thing -

The last time I looked, it looked like we could very well be coming down to the wire again! Which is appropriate, given the talent level of our final two!

It also means that this is the final Green Room of the season. You also have one last chance to enjoy this space. Because the staff is getting anxious to get in here and start cleaning! Or at least attempting to… I’m really not sure about some of those spots. Especially in the corners.

The DJ has started the music down in the Banquet Hall and it’s about time to move out of here… so get your group pictures of “Us in the Green Room, in happier times” out of the way, before it’s too late!

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to miss this place.

So, thank you Green Room, for another season of, well, everything it is that you do! Whatever that happens to be! ;)

And (if you are so inclined) remember to tip your wait staff!

Most of all though, we have one last chance to enjoy this moment.

They don’t come around all that often, and you should definitely take a moment to let it all sink in when you get the opportunity. Where you were when we started. Where you are now. Where you see yourself going now, and where all of this craziness fits into all of it!

“A punk rock song won’t ever change the world, but I can think of a couple that changed me” – Wingnut Dishwashers Union

I’ll see you later tonight with the results and the Afterparty!
Tags: day 03, green room, season 8, week 39
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