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Green Room - Week 38 - Day 3

Back in Black is the first album released by AC/DC with their second singer. Per their Wiki, another interesting fact is that "The album has sold an estimated 50 million copies worldwide to date, making it the second highest-selling album of all time."

It was also the video posted as a teaser for the season.

People have asked me all season long why we have two official Idol icons for the season.

There were two Topsy Turvys in play at one point in the competition.

Quite a few of the special powers were released in lots of two or on even numbered weeks. (Not all of them, didn't want to be *too* obvious!)

Week 22 was a non-elimination round, where special powers were handed out.

I flat out told everyone that there was a clue to the finale in the placement of Hell Week, and that it was math related. Hell Week was Week 36. 3/6. (and took us from an odd number, 7, to an even one, 4)

There have been a number of references throughout the season to "two" or even numbers. That's because we are having a Final Two this season. Some people like the Easter Eggs. Others don't care. But there are some of the ones I've thrown into the mix over the course of the season.

Right now, we have the poll that is going to help decide who those two contestants are going to be!

So I hope you take the time, read, comment to, and enjoy those entries! After you check out that, go check out the final Home Game as well!

I hope you folks are having as much fun as I am watching this unfold!

What other fun things do you have on your plate for the weekend?

Tags: day 03, green room, season 8, week 38
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