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Results - Week 37 Part 2

You folks certainly do know how to keep life interesting, don’t you?

I was preparing for a battle to the death, fight to the finish, no-holds barred/no bars held 24 run-off. Instead, we get a drop:

n3m3sis42 - It was a truly brilliant run! You have a hell of a lot to be proud of, and having talked to you, I know you are well aware of it!

Going from not even being sure that you could write, to the Top 4, and getting noticed by someone from the Tesla Science Center? Yeah, I’d say that was a journey. (Even if, like Mirror Girl, it took me an embarrassing amount of time to make the connection with your name! :D)

Thank you for sharing that journey with us!

With posting her entry:

that means pixiebelle joins notodette and whipchick in the last hurrah before the finale!!

Congratulations to the three of you. Now go kick some butt!


Before I let you go, a pet peeve of mine and something that shouldn’t be ignored It’s seems silly to be saying it now, but I’m saying it as much to Season 9 as I am to people who are currently assembled to see how this season ends!

I keep hearing “Idol is this” and “Idol isn’t that” to somehow justify why certain people make it further and others don’t. I understand, ego is involved. People like to assume that if only it wasn’t for this one little thing - that they would be sitting at the end. Maybe on any other day, they would be. You play out any given season 10 times and I’m sure there would be quite a few different combinations. It doesn’t take anything away from the people who won in our particular time line. Nor should it.

They are amazing and whoever walks away with this thing this season is going to be a worthy addition to them.

You know how much dumb luck comes into play in the writing industry? Ask any professional writer about their big break - I guarantee that it involved persistence and dumb luck, and a hell of lot of writing their fingers to the bone.

Idol is very much about the writing. It’s about the love, the passion, the times you want to pull your hair out and times you would just rather punch someone, it’s what you don’t get in a workshop and the stuff that if you are smart enough to apply it, can and will get you wherever it is you want to go.

Hearing people say that it’s not, it riles me up. I don’t say that Idol is “not just a writing competition” because it’s LESS. I say it because it’s MORE.

I think that’s something people frequently misunderstand, or misinterpret deliberately.

I like a variety of writers who come through this doors for a number of reasons. Some I think are technically awesome. Others move me on a primal level. Some, I don’t know - I just like ‘em. I think everyone who shows up is offering something worth hearing, and is bringing something vital to the mix, and to the experience.

The key is to figure out what that is, and allow your own ego to take a back seat for long enough to learn something.

This is something special here. It’s worth celebrating.

How do I know? Because of things like this:

You don’t have to win to gain from this experience. You have to show up. You have to commit, and you have to turn around and do something with what you learned.

My winners are awesome. My contestants, in general, are awesome. Remember that, and treat each other - and Idol, like you remember that.
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