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Green Room - Week 38 - Day 1

I less than three passionate people.


I want to wrap them up in plastic sheeting and keep them in a sealed compartment under my floor boards so that they, and their passion, will be safe for ever…. Was that a little too specific? ;)

Anyway - This probably explains why I’m surrounded by crazy people, because crazy people often have the loudest and most passionate opinions. But at least they have a point of view, and that’s never a bad thing.

As long as they are also able to recognize that what they are saying is their personal opinion, and not the “one great truth”.

By now, everyone should know that the “One Great Truth” is whatever I happen to be saying at any given moment, and respond accordingly.

If more people stopped to realize that, they wouldn’t end up butting heads so often, regardless of their opinions. Because ultimately, they would know that they were completely wrong!!! Unless of course I happened to agree with them, and even then, it would just be a coincidence that they were right!

Knowing that “Gary is always right” will help bring about a new age of prosperity (but not “peace”, I don’t go for that hippie garbage!) into the world – and it starts right here!

One of the many things that I am right about is that we have a new topic:
We also have a run-off to deal with:

So, by all means, get passionate about your favorites. Just keep it about your favorites. Not about the ones you don’t like as much. Why? Because there is nothing constructive with that, nothing that builds up the people you like, and in fact, probably ends up hurting them by association. And no one wants that.
Except me. I, of course, want to hurt them – and I’ll find new and interesting ways to do it!! :D
Tags: day 01, green room, season 8, week 38
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