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Results - Week 37

What an amazing turnout!

People have been asking if this was “some sort of record” for number of votes, and the answer is “yes and no”.

It’s a record for how many people showed up to vote, however the record for how many votes a single contestant received still stands. And yes, you guessed it, it was in Season 4. :)

I’ve taken a look at the votes, and before I say anything else, let me just say that I was shocked at what I saw.

Why? Because, with numbers like that, you expect to see a whole lot more hijnks than actually occurred.

There were a couple people who double-dipped with Twitter and/or Google Plus accounts. (Oddly enough, facebook didn’t seem to have a problem. Or at least an obvious one.)

I think it’s an example of how most people, when given the chance, are going to side with their better angels. However, there’s always going to be one or two... and in this case, those one or two did end up affecting things.

It wasn’t major, and I’m absolutely certain that no one set out to do anything wrong/encouraged it, etc... but there is enough of a question mark that I want a run-off.

notodette and whipchick - you are through to the next round. Congratulations.

n3m3sis42 and pixiebelle - You will be in a run-off. It was close enough to almost be a tie anyway. So, it’s close enough that I’m sure neither of you want this decided by someone who just got a little too “supportive”. You’ve done too much, and worked too hard for that.

Your topic is Making Fire, an appropriate tie-breaker! I’ll post a topic thread here in a moment, link your entries there by Tomorrow, Wednesday August 22 at 9pm EDT.

Good luck to you both!
Tags: season 8, tie-breaker, week 37
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