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Green Room - Week 37 - Day 2

After a rather busy day of keeping an eye on all the mini-fires set in the wake of this week's results, I decided to look back at how this season all began, just 10 short months ago!

Remember coming in the door? All of those faces? The ones who stuck around and those who wandered through? The questions? The comments? The energy of a freshly painted Green Room?

Now look around. See those stains on the ceiling? That's going to take awhile to get that out. The scorch marks from where someone decided to start BBQing? Going to need to call in a specialist.

For 8 seasons now, I've got to see those faces come in, and see who develops over the course of time, and how that season is going to go.

We're not quite at the ending yet. But we are really close.

Close enough that I'm sure there are some people who came late to the party, or those who simply can;t remember that far back, who ask the question - What was the journey of these four? What can you tell us about them?

Thanks to our friends at the kathrynrose foundation - you can explore that on your own:

It's a link to every entry from all four of them. A picture of their life inside of Idol, who they were when they started the season, and who they are now that we are at the end.

I'd highly recommend people go back and reread, and explore who these four remarkable people that we find ourselves with actually are!

While you are in the mood for exploring - you might want to explore the entries for *this* week, once they are posted - today IS the deadline after all!

Which means anyone who wants to participate in the Home Game had better hurry as well!

If anyone needs any extra help, there is always the Work Room for that:

If anyone has any extra time, and money - and a love of awesome science, check out: and help build a museum for Nikola Tesla!


Question for the masses - I was also reading our Spotlight announcement post from the Sign Up week, and got to wondering, who came in from that and is still around? More to the point - how far did the furthest "Spotlight recruit" get this season? Just curious!
I tried insulting mstrobel and general threats... so I guess you folks have given me so choice but to unleash the big guns... a picture of a cute puppy!!

You had your chance, now you have to deal with it!

Tags: day 02, green room, season 8, week 37
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