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Results - Week 36

I got up this morning, went to vote, got on the bus and felt something moving on the back of my neck.

So I did what any reasonable person would do - I swatted it!

It turned out to be a bee, who as it’s last act on the planet, stung me in between my fingers!

This is how my day started.

Making this announcement, tonight, is right up there though with “worst things to happen this week”. Regardless of the outcome, it was going to be the case. At least with this, I knew it was coming!

Before I get to anything else - I want to thank everyone who came out to support our writers! I know they appreciate it, and hopefully have told you that themselves. But I definitely do as well. Some of you are old friends that might not come around as often, and some have never even heard of Idol before this moment. I hope that you decide to stick around to see what this hubbub is all about!

I can guarantee you that you will be in for a couple more rounds of great writing, and I hope, a lot of fun!

As for the writers, I kind of have been saying it now for a couple weeks. But somehow it’s managed to not sink in to your thick skulls! So maybe I need to get a bat, or a sledghammer, or perhaps another round of Hell Week! You know, something dangerous! :)

What you folks have done, not only for Hell Week, but getting to this point in the competition is amazing. Anyone doing anything but walking out of here with their head held high and full of confidence in themselves needs to be treated like a hippie and kicked repeatedly. Heck, anyone who showed up during this season - and put themselves out there, regardless of how long they lasted, needs to be holding their head high! You know how many people never bother to try? That’s an accomplishment right there. Making it through Hell Week - that’s an exercise in sheer determination! I’d salute you, but I mostly feel like kicking right now, so maybe I’ll do that instead! :)

We have results - and twists and turns and turns inside of twists. So sit down, bring out your compass and I’ll explain it all. Then someone will ask something and I’ll have to explain it twice, so if you can get it the first time, maybe you can help me bring them up to speed!

There are four stages to this week, in this order: Jury voting for immunity, Gatekeepers, Contestant Only/Home Gamers for Week 36, and finally the community only poll.

Each of these stages has a bit of “huh?” So I’ll walk you through it gently:

It was a fairly close vote, but ultimately the Jury voted to give the final immunity of Season 8 to n3m3sis42. Which means that she can not be eliminated this week - and has earned a place in the Top 4! Congratulations!

Now comes to the Gatekeepers. It’s always a big mystery who it is going to be - and this time I went for a pretty straight forward collection based on a simple criteria that should be fairly obvious: Winners, Spirit of LJ Idol award winners and Season 4 Hell Week participants! Unfortunately, there was a series of unfortunate events involving quite a few of them over the last month or so, but we still did get my core number - the number that I secretly kind of wanted - 4, representing the number of contestants to complete Season 4’s Hell Week! Also, representing the number of contestants who would be left at the end of this week! It’s all about the numbers!

Speaking of- who were they?
kittenboo - Who knows your pain from her own battle in Season 4.
amenquohi - Winner, Season 7
spydielives - Spirit of LJ Idol, Season 3
tinhuviel - Winner, Season 1. (who actually completed her task from a hospital bed!)

Thank you Gatekeepers for making the difficult decisions and continuing to help out Idol when she needs you the most!

Now here it where things get interesting - because the contestant who would have been eliminated, based on their votes received immunity! So, as I said, she is safe this week.

So we go to the person with the next lowest vote total - which is pixiebelle (Who, as it happened, had the highest Contestant Only total. Which just goes to show how different audiences will come to different conclusions!)

HOWEVER, I received a statement from java_fiend that if she was in danger, he was taking the bullet!

Therefore, he has sacrificed on her behalf.

Which means the Last Male Left in the Competition, has again been taken down by the LJ Sisterhood. This time though, was for love, and believing in her. So, I guess that’s as good of a reason as you can get for that sort of thing.

The second vote didn’t have a twist - but it does create one. In the Contestant/Home Gamer tally we are saying goodbye to alycewilson

The final vote, the one with the twist - well, the lowest vote total has been eliminated last round - which means it goes to person with the next lowest amount. There were a few moments there that I thought it was going to end up a tie. But that didn’t end up happening.

Instead, we are saying goodbye to milk_and_glass

These are three incredible writers, and people.

Maybe only two incredible people. I can’t be caught saying anything nice about Kevin, even under the circumstances. I have a rep.

I’ve been honored to know Alyce for several seasons now and she is absolutely top notched. One of the most solid folks you could ever ask to have around you.

M&G, I haven’t known as long, or as well. But she was definitely an early favorite. Seeing her here is no surprise. There were definitely moments during the competition when I was preparing for her to take the whole thing.

As for Kevin... well, he really like Amanda Kimmel. I think that’s all you need to know about the guy when you get right down to it.

Thank you to all of you for your incredible work, and contribution to Idol this season. There’s not much Home Game left, but I hope to see you in it, and in the cheering sections in the cheap seats (hint: they are ALL cheap seats, you don’t honestly think that I put in the nice ones do you? :D) to see how this thing plays out!

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