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Green Room - Week 36 - Day 18

For those of you waiting for confirmation emails from me – don’t worry, they are coming later today. I have about 10 of them currently sitting in my inbox from the last 24 hours. If you sent it *before* that… well, then there might be a problem! ;)

For those of you *not* waiting for confirmation emails – what’s wrong with you???

Well, let’s be real – that “what’s wrong with you” pretty much applies to anyone who comes around here for any length of time! ;)

I will remind people though – because there seems to be a little confusion: there are THREE DIFFERENT sets of voting going on… the poll:, Gatekeepers, and the contestant/Home Gamer for Week 36 only.

How do you know if you are eligible to vote in any of these?

The poll: Are you a member of the community? No? Then join it. Now you are. I’ve seen LJ remove some votes in the past when you leave the community – so I’d stick around after the fact. (There was someone a few weeks ago advocating the “join, vote and leave” strategy. I know some people don’t want an extra group on their feed… and so it seems like a way of easing them into the process… but the whole point is getting fresh faces through the door. Which means I’m not a fan of that tactic.)

Gatekeepers – Have I emailed you about being a Gatekeeper? Yes. Then you are one. Did I not? Then you are not. It’s not personal, and there’s no sign up list. I appreciate the interest. But it’s not to be right now. However, you *can* still vote in the community only poll and potentially in the Contestant Only one! (see below)

Contestant Only/Home Gamers vote – Are you a current contestant? Yes? Then you can vote. No? Did you submit a Home Game entry for Week 36? Yes? Then you can vote! No? Sorry, you are not eligible to vote in that particular poll. However, you *can* still vote in the community only poll !

Did you go to college thanks to Social Security benefits after losing your Father – but now want to make sure that no one else can do that by cutting them? You may not be eligible for a special poll, but you could potentially be VP!
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