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Vote - Week 36

A few words from clauderainsrm:

Once in a great while, you get to see something amazing. If you’re really lucky - maybe you’ll see it happen twice.

If you’re checking out LJ Idol - you’ll get to see it happen seven times!

Before we get to anything else, push your chair back from the computer, get on your feet and give a huge round of applause to our Top 7!

They are f-ing amazing.

No matter what happens this week, or between now and the finals... no matter what happens in life - when someone says “You can’t do that!” or tells you something is impossible, kick them in the balls and tell them “I survived Idol Hell Week. I CAN DO ANYTHING. BRING IT ON!”

(Even if they don’t have balls. Kick them there anyway! They’ll get the picture!)

OK. Now you can sit back down.

Unless you feel like applauding some more. We can wait. They certainly deserve it!

*waits a couple of hours for the furor to die down*

Now that it’s done... we have 20 more topics due by tomorrow... ;P

Hold on! Don’t start writing YET. Read the rest of this, because that was a total joke. I may have been called a “twisted sadist” iand “insanely cruel” n some circles, but I’m not that bad. Maybe. ;)

There has been A LOT of speculation on how the voting is going to go.

I’ll take the “Sweet Seventeen” off the table right now. As much as that system seemed cool the last time we had something like this - and it did - unfortunately, it also resulted in someone being knocked completely out in the first round. Which is something that I still haven’t forgiven myself of not seeing the possibility of that happening.

So instead, we are going with a THREE-TIERED SYSTEM.

We have Gatekeepers going over each entry. We have a community only poll voting on the overall picture, and we have a ranking system from the actual contestants themselves, as well as ANYONE WHO HAS WRITTEN A HOME GAME ENTRY THIS ROUND. (as of this posting)

I’ll be sending the Gatekeepers their instructions in the next few moments.

For those contestants, and Home Gamers - I want a list of your 30 favorite entries from this round. And contestants - this is the one time when you CAN NOT include yourself. Send it to me at

We also have the Jury, who will be awarding one of these people the ever important immunity. I’ll be sending those instructions out in a few minutes as well.

Which is going to be vital, considering that each of these methods is going to eliminate someone. By the time the dust settles on this week, we will be at our TOP FOUR.

It’s a high stakes challenge, with high stakes results!

Which is why everyone has until Tuesday, August 14th at 8pm EDT to send me their results, and the poll will close that night at 9pm EDT

Good luck to everyone!

Poll #1858831 LJ Idol, Season Eight, Week Thirty-Six
This poll is closed.

The Ballot:

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