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Green Room - Week 36 - Day 12

I’m looking forward to reading an article like this , 40 years from now, about a church that bars a same sex couple! Because that will mean that the brand of small mindedness has become newsworthy and unusual.

It used to be that people lined up to *stop* other people from going somewhere to eat. Now that trend has reversed to standing in line to eat to stop people from doing other things! :D


I’m *still* seeing more about the Colorado shooting than the one in Wisconsin. Apparently, the Sikh temple should have been showing a blockbuster movie. Then they could have had a tie-in for the story other than “racist psychopathic terrorist guns down innocent victims”.

Which, apparently you need to get the coverage… that, and it can’t happen on the weekend. Murderous rampages on the weekend don’t carry the same internet outrage.

(edited to add: Places to give, if you are so inclined:
Speaking of “internet outrage” – two of the seven Idol contestants are across the finish line, cementing their place in Idol History!!
The rest of them are coming along quite nicely (I suspect the last two just haven’t linked yet):

So make sure you congratulate them, and cheer on the rest as the deadline approaches!


Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO teaberryblue! Our first Work Room mentor of the Season!
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