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Green Room - Week 36 - Day 11

We got to the Humane Society, on Saturday, and there was already a line, waiting for them to open.

After the initial rush, we went in and started looking around. I noticed that some people went right to the front and were filling out paperwork. Which, after seeing how long everything took, I think those people probably had the right idea, and the most experience with the process.

However, others went right for the kennels, to grab the paperwork for their favorites. So, who knows – maybe they were the ones who were right!

Different people. Different overall strategies.

When we walked into the front room, I noticed the terrier puppy immediately. We hadn’t talked about a puppy, and in fact, were thinking of getting a 2 year old… besides, there was already a woman in front of her with her paperwork in hand. But, she was awfully cute!

We wandered around, and finally decided to have a visit with another dog. It went well. But there really wasn’t that spark you hope to make when you sign on for a lifelong commitment.

So, we kept looking around. The two year old was still there – he had some health issues, but it was well worth checking out, because the picture and info online had been so adorable.

We grabbed his papers and went to the front to set up the visitation.

While we were in the waiting room, I noticed that the woman from before was there as well, with several papers in her hand. At one point she got up, went to the counter and said, “It’s really busy. I’ll be back tomorrow” and left… I was immediately at the counter and told them that I wanted the terrier puppy’s sheet. We took it, and set up the two visits back to back.

The older dog was fine – but he had spent all of his time outdoors. (which is why he had the health problems) and really hadn’t been socialized with a family before. He did seem nice, but not really engaged.

On the other hand, the puppy immediately came up to me and started giving kisses… and then went back to roaming around the yard… coming back to give kisses…

We actually debated for longer than it sounds like we should have… it came down to it being a “no kill” shelter. Otherwise, I’m pretty sure we would have left with the dog with even more problems than the 2 year old! :D

As is though, we ended up with the dog now known as “Foxy”!

I’m not just bragging about the dog though. (Although, yes, I AM bragging about the dog)

There are times when you think you are out of the running – and someone will make a mistake. They will think they have more time and can come back tomorrow. They think ”if I write it, people will read it”… or “I’ll just send this out blindly and an editor will see it”… if other people are making that mistake - capitalize on it!

Waiting around, hoping that things will work out has rarely produced positive results! If you want something, you need to go out, do your best, and wait for that break to come. Be proactive. Shop your writing around, but look for the market that needs you and be there to fill their need.

“Maybe one day” isn’t going to get you that gig, or that dog. Keeping an eye on where the competition is, so that if they make a bad call, will! :D Even if all hope seems to be lost, putting yourself in a position to succeed is the best move.

(Of course, it occurs to me that some people do this with relationships and I’m *not* a fan of that. So ignore this advice when it comes to those. ;D Just with “breaking in with writing, or other skills” and “getting a dog from the Humane Society”)

Other things that I am in favor of are: Our new topics:
The last two sets of topics: and
Home Game Entries:
The Work Room:

And, of course, Curiosity! Because robots are awesome, and Robots on Mars are even better!!
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