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Green Room - Week 36 - Day 8

I was wondering if I should mention this during Week 36, or after - but since I know at least one person has already done the math, and I know how well these things tend to keep quiet... all season long, right from the beginning, I have been making references to the infamous Season 4, and the challenge that they faced.

I’ve called them legends. Because they are. They earned that distinction.

I’ve also said that I thought this season’s contestants can stand toe to toe with some of the best, and that this was an epic season.

These are all things that I’ve said many, many times over the course of the season.

I wasn’t saying those things at random. They were clues. :)

There’s another clue tucked away in this event as well, but I’m not going to reveal that one quite yet. No use in giving you too many “spoilers”. :)

With the new set of topics: there will be a new “benchmark of excellence” set.

Season 4 had 16 topics. You have a total of 17.

There were 4 of them. There were 8 of you when you set out on this particular quest.

There have been various numbers quoted over the years for how long they had. Memories vary. But what doesn’t is actually going back and looking for myself. They had the same amount of time as you have had.

Which means... if you want to beat that mark, as a personal challenge - have everything completed the day before the deadline! :) (technically, most of them finished up in the late night/wee hours of the morning on deadline day. But according to the time stamps, it was still technically “the day of”)

If you don’t want to do that there’s absolutely no shame in that. You’ve still completed one more entry!!

Which is amazing.

I full expect to be seeing the cheering sections from the cheap seats!! (or the expense seats, I don’t know where you people are sitting!!)

Not sure how much action will happen in the Work Room, but its there for those who need it: and, of course, there is still a lot of fun to be had in the Home Game:

But, if you really want to show these incredible people some love - you can check out, and comment on, their entries! and

Alao, please go check out my "better late than never" recognition of two legends in their own right, the newest members of our 100 Weeks Club!
Tags: day 08, green room, season 8, week 36
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