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Topic - Week 36 (B)

The deadline has passed, and our Top 8 has become our Top 7!

Unfortunately, porn_this_way has fallen on her sword, pulled herself up, and then tripped over it again:

It’s a horrible way for such a fierce competitor to go out, but I do understand. No one ever said this last stretch of the competition was going to be easy. In fact, I seem to recall quite a few people saying that it wasn’t going to be!

She is going to be greatly missed! (Given that this is the Topic thread - please direct your comments to her thread, or the Green Room..)

As for the others, our Top 7 - Congratulations to all of you for making it to Part B!

Yes, you knew it was coming, So don’t look so surprised! Of course there is a “B” section!

For people wanting something to read and comment on, I’d highly recommend them to check out the entries:
For those who want to discuss Work Room related stuff, we are continuing the Work Room: and the Home Game:

For the 8 of you though, you get more topics:
One Way Or the Other
Visiting Hours
Mental Health Day
Hold Your Tongue

and a new deadline, Thursday, August 2nd at 10pm EST!
Have fun!
Tags: season 8, topic, week 36

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