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100 Weeks

Once upon a time, a long time ago, there was this guy who signed up for LJ IDOL.

He wrote up one entry, I believe it was an introduction. It showed a lot of promise, to the point that the moderator noticed him… and quickly forgot that he had signed up… wandering away as his automatically applied Bye weeks were applied…. Until he vanished beneath the waves completely.

It happens to people. They get excited, and then they get preoccupied and wander away.

There is no telling how many talented writers are lost that way.

But this guy, he came back the following season – insisting that he was a “newbie”. Even though he totally wasn’t!

Then, for some reason, that guy became a woman – at least as far as the other contestants were concerned, they called him “she” all the time!

Eventually they figured it out – and the Idolverse found out what the moderator had seen in that brief entry – and he went on to a decent run… and came back, and back… and back again… going deep into the game each time.

Until this moment, when he gets to hit that elusive goal – joining the ranks of those with 100 WEEKS of LJ IDOL!

His rants, his horror stories, and even his relationship (a true LJ IDOL born love story!) are the stuff of legends. What kind of legends? Well.. let’s not get into that…

It’s suffice to say they are “legends”.

I’d be proud to call him a friend, if I were to admit such things in public. Which, I’m not. :D

Like his hero, Willard Romney, he is a guy who is extremely proud of his Anglo-Saxon heritage… and of his 100 Week survival:

Ladies and Gentlemen, please join me in congratulating java_fiend!
Tags: 100 weeks, season 8
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