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Green Room - Week 36 - Day 1

If you missed last night – you should just turn in your badge right now! Which badge? I don’t know – do you have more than one? Maybe you should turn them all in if you don’t know which one to use in this circumstance!

There were results:
And new Topics:
And panic in the Work Room:
And a Home Game thread:

Plus, there were a couple comments that made me wonder if I should pull back the curtain, for a moment again – and get way ahead of myself.

Because, we are still very much in Season 8 – ramping up to the finale! Which is extremely exciting, and I hope has everyone on the edge of their seat!

But people have started to ask/make comments about Season 9 and beyond.

So I’ve decided to pull some of the answers into one place. Namely, here! Keep in mind that my answers are the ones that I am giving right now, and may change by the time Season 9 actually gets started!

- Will Season 9 start in October?
I don’t know. Maybe. Maybe not. I haven’t even *started* planning on Season 9 yet. Most seasons start in October. Some have started early in the calendar year though – and given that this is the final season, I don’t want to rush anything. I want it to be solid.
If I think I can deliver a solid season by October, I guess we will see…

- Is Season 9 really the last?
I’ve toyed with an “All Star” season for years. So, I *guess* there is a possibly that it will be too good to resist, once the regular seasons are over – but even that it pretty iffy.
When I walked away from writing fanfic to start Idol, no one believed that I was really gone. I haven’t been back.
I’m a big believer in doing what you say you are going to do. So making the decision, and announcing it, was my way of making sure that I kept to it.

- Why?
There were 9 contestants in Season 1, because I was too impatient to wait for 10. I figured 9 was a fitting number of Seasons as well.
Which dovetails with events in my RL – good ones – that have taken up more of my attention. Idol is still a full-time job, but it’s gone from my Primary one, to (mostly) my secondary one. Which is probably a lot more healthy for everyone. :)
But, if I want to do anything else with my life – there isn’t going to be time for another job on top of Idol.
In theory, Idol could go forever – but I’d much rather it end while there is still something to say, and do, with it – rather than when it becomes an afterthought..

- Why don’t you just hand it off to someone else?
That’s probably the biggest question that people have – and I just have to point to the various knock-offs, wanna-bes and “inspired by” groups out there. When I started Idol, there was nothing even remotely like it. We created a genre of writing competitions. We’re the best and the biggest. You look at those groups, and among other things, they are missing the heart and the single-minded vision and level of commitment that you need to do the job.
I could hand it off – but it wouldn’t be “Idol”. It would inherently become something else. I’m not willing to do that.

- Will you endorse a replacement Idol?
Nope. In fact, I’ll probably be pretty annoyed about it. I know me well enough to know that it will, even if someone thinks that it shouldn’t! Emotions aren’t logical. ;)
I can’t stop you from doing it – but if Idol has meant anything to you over the years, I hope you respect my wishes, even if you are someone who doesn’t fully “get it”.
There is a whole big world out there to explore and to create. I hope that people find their own ideas, forge their own paths – using what they learned here to give them confidence and inspiration, but not repeating it.

- What are you going to be doing post-Idol?
I don’t know yet. I have a couple of ideas. Hopefully I can use at least one of them to supplement my (meager) income and actually pay some bills/ maybe find a way to not have to figure out how to get the bus money to get to my actual job! :D
That would be nice to not live like I have over the last few years. As successful as Idol as become, and as much time and effort as it tends to take up - I designed it so that I *couldn’t* use it to make money! (the name was part of it!)
I’m also considering, thanks to urging from people over the years, about getting back to my own writing. That might be nice to take what *I* have learned, and seen, from all of you, and use it to kick-start my own craft and inspiration again.

That said, one of the realizations that I’ve had over the years is how I always end up in a position where I am publishing someone else’s work – so there has certainly been some thought in that direction! We will have to see what opportunities open up.

Heck, I’m certainly open to creating something new for Livejournal (or another site) if they wanted to put me on the payroll! (now that they are doing things like that) Just saying. ;)

There’s a lot more in the Season 9/Post-Idol discussion – but at this point, that’s still a long way off! (and quite frankly, probably not all that interesting to anyone but me!)

We have an exciting season going on right now and I can’t wait to see how it plays itself out!
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