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Results - Week 35

Before we get to the results - let’s have a huge round of applause, or whatever text-based equivalent you can muster, for our CHAMPIONS!

It was seriously an All Star cast (I’ll be honest, it made me go back to an old idea that I had a few years back for a LJ IDOL: MASTERS edition, but I digress...) who put in a stellar showing!

Thank you so much to all of you for taking the time, and making the effort to come out to support your favorites! I know the readers certainly appreciated it, and so I did I!

Thank you Champions!

Next up - we have the decision of the Jury. Since the first week, it has been an extremely close call for who would receive immunity. Many of the weeks, the person who received it ended up needing it, and things were thrown into chaos at the bottom of the poll.

Not so this week. This week the choice was quite lopsided - and it didn’t end up influencing the results.

Congratulations to porn_this_way!

Which brings us to the final part of the update, the actual results. Unless I can come up with something else to allow my brain to meander down to avoid actually saying it.

But I don’t think that I can at the moment.

Which means that we are saying goodbye to our SPIRIT OF LJ IDOL OF SEASON 8 halfshellvenus and the person it took me far too long to figure out the “secret” of her user name lrig_rorrim!

It’s funny, because both of these two had really difficult roads to get to this point - I could have sworn that HSV was “out” at several different parts in the competition, only to pull out a magic trick and end up sticking with the fight - and continuing to put out often-understated work that it never failed to delight me when I noticed that people started to really *respond* to it.

Mirror_Girl, on the other hand, came in from Second Chance - which is about as much of a difficult road as you can get. There’s a stigma, in some circles, of not having “put in time”, and I recall there were definitely points when I worried about her. But she more than proved herself, week after week, fight after fight. She definitely showed everyone that she deserved to be part of our Top 10!

Thank you to both of you for coming out, and giving IDOL an amazing season! Welcome to the Jury, and I hope that we will continue to see you around in the Home Game and everywhere else!

You were both amazing. No, scratch that, you both ARE amazing! :)
Tags: eliminations, season 8, week 35
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