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Green Room - Week 35 - Day 5

People ask me questions all of the time.

Most of them involve “How can I send you cookies/vast amounts of money?” and “Why are you so awesome?”

Most of these conversations, and people, only exist in my head.

Other times, people outside of my head ask me questions – and I try to answer them, even if they aren’t, IMO, asking the correct ones!

One of these questions involve “what *am I* looking for in an LJ IDOL winner?

To which, my normal answer is that I really don’t have a say over it – given that I vote for everyone!

I just have to make the best out of it.

Fortunately, Idol has never given me a winner that I didn’t like, or that ultimately wasn’t the winner that we “needed”, even if it wasn’t who I *thought* the voters were going to give us.

But, if given my druthers – perhaps from some discount druthers store – what would I want to see out of the Season 8 winner?

- Being an incredible writer, who continues to grow their craft – that the vast majority of people can look at and go “Yeah, I’m glad that they won”.
- Someone who has shown – and will continue to show – loyalty and support to Idol. Being an ambassador of the competition to the outside world.
- Considering how much I rely on my “numbers” to vent to from time to time, someone capable of – next season – reminding me why I’m doing this, and when things get tough why I shouldn’t just ban everyone. ;)
- The ability to keep those above discussions to themselves! ;)

There are more things – but those are the big ones, that I can think of right now, when I am writing this list.
What are things YOU can think of that you want to see out of the person I will be soon referring to as 8?


Before we get to that though – the remaining contestants, and their Champions, still have to get through this week:
If they need extra help, they can get it at the Work Room:
and of course, if they are finished with all of that – then the Home Game always has some nifty treats!
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