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Green Room - Week 35 - Day 1

Two things before we get into it…

Everyone is talking about the tragedy in Colorado. Or at least everyone within earshot of me.

Absolutely horrifying.

Also, oddly fitting for a Batman movie – but that’s probably just that part of my brain that tries to process horrible things by looking for the absurd.

Lost in the shuffle of this is a huge blow for people who love comedy, particularly those with an interest in comedy writing.

Tom Davis has passed away.

Anyone who is old enough to remember Franken and Davis, and their contributions to the development of Saturday Night Live.

It’s not a shock to those who have followed his battle with throat and neck cancer. But it is still pretty big.

With those “real world” events covered – we can go a little closer to home. Mainly, what you may have missed if you went to bed early!

First, we have last night’s results (and the announcement of what power the Spirit chose):
And the new topic/Champions announcement:
The Work Room:
And a Home Game thread:

It was a lot of action for a very short time period! This is why you shouldn’t go to sleep! You’ll lose your edge! I don’t expect anyone around here to go back to sleep until… *checks watch* maybe somewhere around Brooklyn.

Congratulations to our Top 10!
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