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Results - Week 34

What a week, and what a finish! I was starting to think we were heading to “run-off of a run-off” territory!

There is a lot to get into, so I won’t waste any more time getting into it.

First up: The news on “What Special Power did halfshellvenus, as the Spirit of LJ Idol, select?

Her options were:
- immunity (self)
- immunity to give away
- a bye
- bring two eliminated contestants back into the game.

All of these powers would be good until the Top 5.

She ultimately decided on the bye.

Congratulations, and use it wisely!

Now for the poll results, or more importantly, to find out who will be leaving us this week.

Once this is over, we will be at our “Top Ten”, which means that anyone leaving us at this point is pretty much a legit superstar and I really don’t want to hear that they’re not, even from themselves. ;)

I’ll go ahead and announce the Jury’s selections for immunity, since that does have an impact on the results. I had them choosing two individuals this time - and the two contestants who are immune, thanks to the literal Jury of their peers - are halfshellvenus and alycewilson!

Congratulations to both of you!

Which leads right into the vote itself.

People speculated on “what order would the polls be ranked...” and the answer is “the usual way”, top to bottom. So, if someone was eliminated in a previous poll, they can’t be eliminated a second time!

In the run-off, we lost the superstar of superstars - the person who, barring some sort of major act of gods, and/or she doesn’t show up next season at all - has such a huge lead in the “Number of Weeks Survived in Idol” that I don’t see anyone ever catching her!

Yes, we are saying goodbye to the one and only imafarmgirl.

We are also losing the legendary beldarzfixon Well, this identity isn’t legendary, but his regular one is, and considering that it’s the worst disguise *ever*... ;)

The next poll down is a little more tricky: The person on the bottom has already been eliminated. So it shifts one person up. The next person in line has immunity. Which shifts it up to a tie!

But... one of those individuals also has immunity!

Which means we end up saying goodbye to our only newbie leaving us this round! But considering the odds she was up against, it was a truly wonderful run, and I hope that she will be beaming with pride. Especially given all the buzz at various points that she might actually end up in the finals.It didn’t happen - but she certainly got really close!! She deserves every accolade she gets! Goodbye to alien_infinity

Next up, we are saying goodbye to someone that I, personally, wish more people had gotten into earlier than they did. That sounds funny given how close he got to the end, but I, personally, count myself as a fan. He’s certainly been one of my favorites this season, I always knew when I clicked on the entries that I would be getting something entertaining. Farewell to the_day_setup!

Finally, we come to the final poll/result and saying goodbye to someone who, again, I don’t think ever gets the attention she deserves, despite continually doing really, really well! So, I get to say goodbye to her again - yachiru

Thank you to all of you. You were amazing. I hope that we continue to see you in the Home Game! (oh, and of course Welcome to the Jury! With how close these things have been all season long, I have a feeling you are going to be having a pretty huge impact over the next couple of weeks!)
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