clauderainsrm (clauderainsrm) wrote in therealljidol,


jesterstear has made the decision to drop out to the recent complaints.

I will say that (1) the guy played a really good game and should be applauded for that (2) under the circumstances he is handling himself with a great deal of grace and dignity and is bowing out for the good of the game - and should be applauded for that (3) he's not the only one who has benefitted from multiple votes throughout the course of this game, or even folks currently in the game. Just happened to be the wrong week for it to happen and he was honest about it.

In short - good player and good guy who has a lot to be proud of...

That said, I'll be making a decision on what's going to happen with the second elimination. I'm not automatically taking out his partner.

When will I make that decision? When I get back from lunch. I'm pretty sure that the current ballots are void. We'll see what there is to be seen once I get some food in my tummy though!

I love the passion people are showing for the game, and appreciate it more than most of you have *any* idea - but I also want to make sure that the lines of conduct don't get lost in the process. The purpose, after all, is to amuse me... oh wait, for you to have fun... no strike that, it's to amuse me!*G*

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