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Spirit of LJ IDOL

What do tru2myart, spydielives, tulip_in_yellow, boxsofrain, beautyofgrey and joeymichaels have in common?

Three have won the game. Three have not.
Five women. One man.

So, those aren’t it.

The answer is, of course, that each of these fine people have been selected as the representative of their respective Seasons – they are the Spirit of LJ IDOL!

Every year, since Season 2, we have gotten together and honored one of our own.

This person has been selected, by their peers, as the one who embodies “what the season has been about” for them!

It’s not a “they are going to win/they SHOULD win” but rather “this is the kind of person that I want people to think of when they think of this Season”/Who has stood out to you, and helped make your experience what it has been?

This is THE SPIRIT OF LJ IDOL award – and, other than winning, it’s about as good as you can get!

Now we come to the time of the season when YOU get to vote on it – to award it to one of your peers!

All current contestants AND members of the Jury, who wish to participate, need to email me their list of current contestants/folks still in the running, in preference for who they want to be selected as this Season’s Spirit (with 1 being the person you *most* want to see) to by Wednesday, July 18th at 7pm EDT.

The person selected receives a Spirit icon, a selection of special powers to select from – and of course, the knowledge that they have been selected, by you!
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