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Results - Week 33

The results are going to be dramatic enough to deserve a cut-line of their own cut-line. But I’ll skip it. I think people can keep from scrolling down while I explain.

All of the results are sad. Of course they are. By now, everyone left is an old friend of the competition and has made their mark on everyone else left standing - not to even get into their fans.

The first poll is pretty straight forward, but creates complications that add to the situation in the second. As do the immunities - yes, I said “immunities”. The Jury handed out one for each poll - which would good for saving someone for Week 33.

The two contestants who the Jury have decided to grant the Immunity to this round are: beldarzfixon and yachiru

Congratulations to both of you!

Pay attention to those names though - They come into play in the second poll.

So, let us start with the first set of result - one of the two newest of the newbies, Ole Second Chance Sim herself and someone who has helped make Idol as Family Tradition.

Goodbye to


Now for the second poll - this is where it gets a little less straight-forward:

You can’t eliminate the same person twice - so with two eliminations pending, you have to pass over the lowest vote getter... and go to the second lowest..

Which means we are losing the One and Only kickthehobbit

There is one more contestant going, so we go up one more rung - and end up with someone else who was just eliminated in the first poll. So we can’t go there... the next TWO lowest both have immunity, so they, by definition, can not be eliminated...

Which leads us to imafarmgirl, who is one vote ahead of lrig_rorrim and thus subject to elimination... i even typed out a fairly nice goodbye to that hippie... except then I checked, just to make sure, and there was one vote in the mix that stood out. From a new account, created to vote with no other identifying marks to it to prove identity That vote would impact the results. So, even if it turns out to be complete legit, just someone who didn't think to notify me - it's suspect enough that I don't want to end either of these awesome writer's run over it just yet!

So, instead of allowing that to happen - I’m throwing them into their own cage match duel/run-off next week. Because if someone’s Idol run is going to end, it shouldn’t be like that. You folks have worked far too long and hard for one person who got a little excited to sway things.

For those of you who ARE leaving: Thank you so much to all of you. I hope you have had as much fun in Idol as I have had harassing you this season!

Welcome to the Jury, and your chance to help figure out where this season is going to land!
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