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Green Room - Week 33 - Day 5

There were a couple things that I saw making their rounds on facebook yesterday that caught my interest.

Well, more than a couple. But I’m not going to bore you with the details of how everyone is doing in their latest games, and what they need you to send them. You can find that on your own!

No, these things were of a different nature entirely:

Which brings up all sorts of WTF questions about the nature of humanity and their ability to relate to each other, while still missing the point that a “Woman’s Place” is refreshing an LJ IDOL poll!

Which, coincidentally enough, is also a “Man’s place”.

Seeing those made me long for “the Good Ole Days”, a simpler time...

You know, before there were major advertising campaigns. Of course, all that those did was to tap into what was already out there, and reinforce it.

So maybe we will have to come into the Here and Now, which is a lot more enlighted.

We’ve seen the error of the past, confronted it, and have moved on as a people...

Or, maybe we can just forget about the past altogether. It was rather messy and confusing, and I think everyone can agree that it’s just not worth getting into other than “Good Guys - Yay. Everyone Else = Bad Guys, or at very least, Not As Good Guys, or even Guys = somewhere between “Boo” and “Whateva”.

Because context is important. That was why this Great Nation, and other Great Nations - all of which are not as good as the One True Great Nation (aka ‘Merica, aka my apartment) - were founded on the principles of equality and fairness and most importantly the freedom to spend all of your “free time” checking your scores in an Idol poll!

That is what you should remember about the past - and the soon-to-be sanitized past - that these people lived, and they died, so that you could enjoy LJ Idol! And that is what is truly important!
Tags: day 05, green room, season 8, week 33
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