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Green Room - Week 33 - Day 4

I was reading an article about a debate on Affirmative Action at the University of Wisconsin, and in it, they brought up this case:

Having read it, I find myself deeply, deeply disturbed about the implications:

Venom ISN’T “the black Spider-man”! (that would be Donald Glover)

He’s an alien symbiote!

Maybe it wasn’t racist, but rather a specific hatred of Venom! I know that I, personally, have never been fond of the character! I’m pretty sure that hanging wouldn’t do anything to him though, he’d just slip out of it!

So, these “frat boys” weren’t too intelligent about going about trying to get rid of him. I guess there weren’t any bell towers around!

It’s not until these sorts of things are addressed that we will truly have an equal society where we… what’s that? Oh, that wasn’t the point? Nevermind… carry on…

And while you are carrying on… make sure to get your entries in:
If you need help doing that:

Once you get done with that:
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