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Work Room - Week 33

It’s also interesting to watch debates cycle back around. It’s even more amusing to me to see them cycle back during the course of the same season!

On the subject of “pimping vs not pimping”, I am going to come out and do some recycling of my own - mainly, Idol’s position.

Which is, I don’t really care either way - but if you aren’t going to pimp yourself, please pimp Idol!

Why? Because there is a lot of great writing going on here, and new readers (and potential contestants) is what keeps this all happening!

We don’t, we can’t, exist in a vacuum. The more people who discover what is happening here - from you, the greater the chance that they will find someone else they love - and the greater the chance that someone else will send in someone who loves your stuff!

That’s how it works.

I don’t care if it’s a rec list, or simply a “go check everyone out!” - it’s all good, and more to the point, it’s all for the greater good! ;)

After all, part of being the winner tends to involve being the Ambassador of your Season of Idol. (Well, them and the Spirit) So, why not get started? :D


In other news - the new topics are up:

So, you should probably get started on those!
Tags: season 8, week 33, work room

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