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Results - Week 32

Until about an hour ago, I was preparing for another massive tie. Which, would be appropriate given what you folks delivered this week! It was starting to have the feel of “one of those weeks”.

Instead, we have results, which means eliminations aka saying goodbye to people who have become like old friends to many of us over the course of 32 weeks. (and some who actually *are* old friends to Idol)

The run-off, to me, may have been the most difficult. It’s one of those times when I’m really glad that I vote for everyone, because I wouldn’t want to have to make that decision between the two.

In the end though, we are losing


In the main competition, it gets a little tricky. There, we are losing three more:

alleyalligator and baxaphobia

are both leaving us.

As for the third... well, I said it got tricky.

That’s because of the Immunity being handed out by the Jury.

They cast their votes, and it was yet another close one. This time it ended up going to medleymisty, who DID end up needing it. So, congratulations to her!

However, that means that the person with the next fewest votes is eliminated instead.

Which means the final contestant leaving us today, is yet another veteran...


Thank you so much, all of you. I truly appreciate everything you have done this season, and I hope that you know how amazing it is to have made it to this point with such a huge field of fierce competitors! Welcome to the Home Game, and more to the point, to the Jury!
Tags: eliminations, season 8, week 32
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