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Results - Week 31

[Trigger Warnings: Eliminations. May be triggering to people with a fear of people eliminated]
Week 31 is now in the history books.

Go, check. Just pick up a history book anywhere, and there will be a chapter on LJ Idol Week 31. There might even be pictures.

Maybe of you.

Maybe of you doing things that you don’t want to have published in history books.

You should have thought of that before you did it!

You can never be too sure of what is going to end up in history books these days!

This was a tight race for the final elimination spot, and for awhile, it looked like the Immunity handed out by the Jury was going to decide it.

As it was though, that didn’t end up happening, and Immunity was awarded to:

[Guess who?]


Eliminations are always sad. Especially at this point.

But there is also a certain satisfaction, knowing how far people made it, and just how close to the end they ended up getting. In some cases, not just beating their own expectations, but blowing them out of the water!

So, yes, it’s Goodbye - and Please Continue to Home Game...
and of course, Welcome to the Jury...

But it’s also a tribute to just how talented these people are, to have made it to this spot in the competition...

This week we are losing


There was a tie for the 4th spot - so we will be having a one-on-one run-off next week! That should up the ante!!

The run-off will be between everywordiwrite and lrig_rorrim!

Tags: eliminations, season 8, week 31
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