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Green Room - Week 31 - Day 5

One of the things that I’ve tried this season, that I’ve done before – is “having a life” during Idol. Some of it is circumstantial, and some of it has been, having been burned by it in the past, trying my best to prioritize life.

Which means that I miss things here and there that I would have jumped on before. Actually, I think in the big picture, this has been good. Because it allows people time to work things out on their own, which is (apparently) a highly controversial stance of mine is some parts of the internet. Letting adults work out their own problems with each other – that’s something you don’t see very often. Especially from someone who is viewed as a control freak by some of the same people! ;)

I just think most people have the sense to deal with each other one on one and hash things out. When they don’t, well then I have to step in and be babysitter – usually making everyone unhappy in the process!

It’s because of these things – but mostly because of Tropical Storm Debby which has had my direct attention for the past few days – that I totally missed the discussion in the Work Room.

Most of it, I’m going to gloss over. Some people said things. Other people said other things. People disagreed. That’s fine. Seriously – whatever. Anyone upset about any of it should never, ever, ever read a Yahoo comments section. Consider this your trigger warning! Just don’t do it. You’re going to be upset.

There were a few things that I saw that, little comments, that made me want to respond. I’m going to avoid the “Conservatives and Christians” part, because they aren’t the same thing, never have been the same thing, and never should be the same thing. Two very different things that are sometimes combined. But really it’s a case of “Left Handed Baseball Players”. Sometimes they are both. But one doesn’t equal the other….

(Well, I didn’t avoid that as much as I planned on. But that’s a whole ‘nother spiel!)

The comment that caught my attention was directed at Idol. I’m sure it was meant as “the community as a whole” – and more specifically “this group of people who have gathered for Season 8 and who are still around at this point”. But that’s not what was said. The “competition” was addressed. And as the “Voice of the Competition”, I thought it was worth a response.

The line in question was “Why is this competition so set to protect the deaf and blind, but not someone whose disability is mental? That's what trigger warnings are for, to let those who have mental or emotional reactions know in advance that they might have a reaction”

There have been conversations about trigger warnings in the past. The decision to use them, or not, is entirely in the hands of the person who owns the journal. Some people like the use them. Some don’t. I’m not going to police – LJ IDOL – is not going to police for stating opinions and/or writing about things without covering someone who could potentially be triggered.

We’re just not.

If we were, we’d start with the things that sicken and repulse me. Things that never fail to get a negative, and sometimes stomach churning reaction due to my own personal trauma(s) over the years.

People have had entries and comments about them. Pretty much every season at least one of them has come up. I make a mental note to be a little more careful when I come across that person’s entries in the future. But I still read them, and judge them according to how much I liked the entry itself, while trying to put that personal feeling(s) to the side. (The fact that I vote for everyone means that even when I am personally affected by it, I still vote for that entry. There have been times, over the seasons, when that has been more difficult than others…)

The part of the comment that really got to me though was the implication that IDOL “protects the deaf and blind”.

I can guarantee you – the ONLY group that Idol has ever “protected” have been our “underage” participants, and even then I haven’t had to take action due to their parent’s involvement in keeping them from seeing certain things, and no one deciding to be an asshat toward them.

When our first blind contestant showed up, back in Season 2, my concern was making sure that everything was accessible to her. Once I talked to some people, some tweaks were made and the recommendations on putting alt tags on pictures were added to the FAQ. But that was it. Then I proceeded to beat her like the hippie she is! ;)

I can’t recall a single thing that Idol has ever done to “protect” the deaf from anything. I haven’t even had to adjust anything for them. I guess people adding transcripts to their audio files would help them. But that hasn’t been Idol, that’s been people being thoughtful and decent.

I take exception to the idea of Idol “protecting” a group (or in this case, groups) of people.

Maybe there are some “deaf and blind” people who need some sort of protection in Idol. But I haven’t met them. I imagine those would be “Left Handed Baseball Players”, people who just happen to be both, rather than one being related to the other.

If I do run into them though, I will see what they need, and figure out how to adjust something from a technical standpoint of making sure it’s accessible.

If I run into anyone else who has something else going on, where there’s an accessibility issue, I’ll see what I can do to help them out. Not to “protect” them from anything, or anybody – but rather because I want them to enjoy themselves and be treated like the dirty, smelly, damn foreigner, hippies that they are! ;)

Oh, and btw – there’s a vote going on!
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