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Results - Week 30

Week 30 is finally over. Once the official announcement is made, we will be at our TOP 25. Which means all of the existing special powers are now out of the game (with the exception of the weekly immunity from the Jury), and we are battling it out on the home stretch.

Getting to this point, against a field of competitors so vast, I think that says everything you need to know about the quality of the people leaving us this week.

With one notable exception (and she knows that I’m probably just messing with her, probably) they are all incredibly talented and have helped forge the character of this season. What that says about them, or this season, that’s up to you to decide. ;)

There are definitely some heart-breaking names in the mix, but that’s what happens when you get to this point, with a cut this deep, and when you are only allowed to cast so many votes. That’s when things get changed up, and you end up losing people you would have never expected to be going.

This is certainly no exception.

Before we get to the eliminations though, even though most people know this already, I want to officially announce that [Bad username: porn_this_way] used her immunity this week.

Also, the Jury cast their votes to give away theirimmunity, and used to save - and yes, it did come into play - baxaphobia! Congratulations Bax!

With that out of the way, all we have left is announcing who is leaving us... the worst part of the week.

Today, we say goodbye to
mstrobel (aka the forementioned hippie, who I had to literally force to sign up this season!)

The one bright spot is that they will now be crossing over to join the Jury, to help determine who will receive Immunity every week! As this week proved, that decision can definitely shift some things around as we play the rest of this competition to its conclusion!

Hopefully, we will see them in the Home Game as well!
Tags: eliminations, season 8, week 30
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