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Green Room - Week 30 - Day 4

I received an email earlier today from one of my Numbers, saying that I should post it in the next Green Room.

When a previous winner asks me to post something, I try to honor that request:

Hey Gary,

I just poked my head in at the most recent topics and saw you're up to week thirty already and still only doing 5 entries in a week. And then I noticed they have TWO weeks?

Really now. By the time we got to Week 30 we had done 16 in 12 days.

Why are you coddling these kids?

Really though, I'm so glad to see that Idol is still going strong and people are still complaining about the number of entries. But since it's the next to last season, don't you think you ought to have a postapalozza just for old times sakes?

I say yes.

-chite (4)"

I responded in private, but I'll give a public response to this as well:

"4 -

Always nice to hear from you! There are still over 30 contestants left. What makes you think that I don't intend to torture them appropriately between now and the finals? :D "


For those of you still in the hunt - here is a link to the topic post: and the work room:
To everyone else, who wants to play the Home Game:
Tags: day 04, green room, season 8, week 30
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