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Results - Week 29

This is an intense week, with a lot of information to cover.So, let’s start off with the good stuff:

Due to the sacrifices of drjeff and similiesslip, things worked a little bit differently for the “Disappear” Tribe. They had two things going on, that no one else did: (1) The tribe member with the most votes would receive a bye (that had to be given away) and they sent in ballots for immunity to give someone from another tribe.

Both of these powers are good between now and the Top 25.

The person who wins a bye that must be given away, as voted on by the General Voting Public is halfshellvenus

As for the immunity, I’ve got to say, this was really close. One vote separated the person who is receiving this from the person in second, and only 2 votes from the pack in third. It may have been a single vote, but it was the one that awarded this immunity to porn_this_way!

Congratulations to you both.

As for the other tribes, the makeup of the groups, based on the topics people selected, seemed to throw things off. Which, from a game perspective is good. But that doesn’t mean that the results can’t still be tragic.

I’m definitely losing several personal favorites this week, including someone who topped my personal list not too long ago!

Of the powers that are still out there (until the Top 30), there was a possibility of meeting the “conditions of use” of two of them. Three, if you count a previous instruction that would have sent everything into a tail spin had it not been recanted. However, ultimately, it came down to one of the conditions being met, and unfortunately, there was only one power to use, so it went in order of their selections...

Which is a long-winded way of saying that n3m3sis42 used her immunity to save jem0000000 from Tribe Appropriation.

Unfortunately, that means the person with the second fewest votes is eliminated.

Which means those leaving us this week are a talented group of contestants, and definitely an All-Star class of individuals:

Goodbye to:

The one “good” piece of news in this - if there is one, is that not only did these people do an incredible job this season, making it to this point - they have just become the first members of THE JURY, who will be granting immunity every week from now until they run out of people to give it to! (No one can have it, from the jury, more than once)
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