clauderainsrm (clauderainsrm) wrote in therealljidol,


What a week huh?

I say that in the best and worst ways.

BEST because every single person in the poll this week beat out what had previously been the second most votes in the HISTORY OF LJ IDOL!!!! EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!!!!

That's a major, major accomplishment. The votes were impressive, and so were the entries.

I've said this elsewhere, but I'll say it right here and now - for whatever it is worth I'm damn proud of all of you and I hope that you are proud of yourselves as well.

Sadly though there were some downturns to the week as well. But the biggest of those is now having to say goodbye to 4 remarkable people and talented writers. It is the way of a contest, but it just keeps getting more and more difficult as you see people who you have seen grow so much over the weeks fall by a few votes.

This week we say goodbye to
and last but not least, the pantless wonder wbahner

I'll be posting the new topic and a surprise (maybe two) in a bit, but for now let's just catch our breath shall we?
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