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Green Room - Week 25 - Day 7

Fortunately, I waited to mention LJ's newest promotion until Hitler was brought into it. You know you are having a good, informative discussion on an important issue when someone brings up Hitler!

Hitler is the Ceiling Cat of Internet fights, he sees all and he solves every problem! When you have nothing else in your argument tank, just pull out "This is just like Hitler" and things will magically make sense again.

A close second (IMO - YMMV) is slavery. Comparing an privately owned company's decision to donate to a charitable organization is exactly like them supporting slavery. (If I have to point out that I'm being sarcastic here, I am going to take away your right to be on the internet card. Don't make me come down there and do that. I can turn this car around right now, and then no one will get ice cream!)

Then again, when the charitable organization is Planned Parenthood and the privately owned company is Livejournal, you had to know there were going to be some "interesting" responses.

I imagine the same people upset with this due to Planned Parenthood's involvement with abortions will soon be moving on to protest Wal-Mart for selling electronics. Because it's about the same share of the business.

There are certainly important issues involved with the "Pro-Choice and Pro-Life" debates, and I doubt that people will come to any real agreement any time soon on the "when does life begin" conversation. Just from today, it seems that it turned into "baby murdering Hitlers" on one side to "the founding fathers were racists" on the other. Where any of this fits into the discussion about women's reproductive health makes as much sense to me as why there is a conversation going on about women's reproductive health in the first place, seems like a no-brainer to give as much access as possible to as much as is needed. *shrug* What do I know?

What I DO know is that Livejournal is having a donation drive:
I know that a LOT of the people reading this already know about it, because I saw it on our Friends List first, and figured it was something important enough to comment on.

I also know that given all of the hits that LJ has taken over the last couple of years, supporting an issue that has such wide support among the general base (even if it might alienate some people in the process, who don't like that organization) is a great PR move. Kudos to whoever came up with the idea, From a PR standpoint, it gets people reposting your branding and in some cases, your actual post. Which is never a bad thing from a marketing perspective.

Most of all though, I know that LJ IDOL is endorsing one thing, and one thing only - the current poll, which is closing later today:

If someone that you love needs extra care, don't take it to Planned Parenthood, they will just look at you like you've gone crazy - instead, let people know if they are missing out on a hidden gem of an entry!!
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