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Green Room - Week 25 - Day 4

I had an amazing weekend. I hope you can say the same.

And by “the same”, I hope YOU can say that I had an amazing weekend! ;)

Today is the deadline to get you (and your partner’s) links up: So, hopefully you are doing that!! If you’re not, or if you see someone who hasn’t done that yet, kick them until they do!!

You might want to just start kicking random people once you have finished with that – or go back around and start kicking them in reverse order, to keep things interesting!


I had a question in my email this morning that warranted a public answer. I always get questions, but the tone of this suggested that there was some private conversations going on, and knowing the standard opinions on the issue with contestants, especially during this season, I figured that it was worth talking about:

“Is there an official standing on editing pieces after the posting deadline?”

I don’t think anyone is going to quibble if you fix a typo or two. Or, if they do, I doubt there is going to be a cry of ‘OMG!!! HANG THEM!!!”, except among the Gallows Guild.

Reconstructing parts of the entry or anything more than that – and you are going to start seeing stronger reactions. My PERSONAL reaction is that it’s not cool. The policy reaction is that you should let people know you have changed it, because they are probably NOT going to go back and see the changes anyway. Under the best of circumstances, they are probably going to read as they go, and if you don’t have your finished product up the first time they look, you’re not going to get that second chance. So, changing too much isn’t going to help you.

Now the big part here is “after the posting deadline” – which implies *during the poll*, which is what I think isn’t cool to do anything major to your post (again, typos – OK… anything more than that, and people are probably NOT going to vote for you ). Obviously, I can’t tell people what to support, or not support – but if it becomes a problem I will have to start penalizing people for it. It’s never been a huge problem before, and I certainly hope that it doesn’t become one.

So, put your best foot forward - as early as you can - but not before you are sure that it's actually your best one. ;)
Tags: day 04, green room, season 8, week 25

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