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Green Room - Week 22 - Day 1

Thanks to the Supreme Court, I will now be ordering strip searches for anyone who commits minor offenses. Also, anyone who commits offenses involving minors.
I may even invoke the law pending in Arizona, and charge anyone that I deem to be annoying. (Which would include, pretty much everyone in Arizona)

Every time I think the internet has become an “interesting” place, where the group that just a couple years ago ran the “RM eats babies” campaign now spends their time going after –isms that people commit, with the same personalized rage they used to reserve for people who they thought took themselves way too seriously... where I see groups actively urging their members to take things to a third party to settle, instead of actually talking it out with the person they have a problem with, and potentially having a dialogue… where political debate has devolved to the level of Yahoo commenters…. Every time I reach that point, I get a reminder that there is a great big world outside of the internet (allegedly) and this is only a reflection of it.

It’s a Topsy Turvy existence, where facts become opinions – and opinions become wrong as long as someone is willing to get louder than everyone else.

I’ve heard, from some damned foreigners, that this is “very American” and the rest of the world doesn’t deal with things like this. Of course, with so much of the ‘net seemingly centered around the export of US culture, I guess they are dealing with it regardless of if they want to or not – which seems the best way to deal with diversity, assimilate it! That’s always worked so well over the years… ;)


Not entirely sure where I was going with that, but there are a couple things that I do know about:

Last night there were Results:
And someone else hit the 100 Weeks mark:
The new topic(s):
And of course a new Work Room, where you should be going to pick your new partner for the week:

Happy Good Friday! And, as always, don’t offer to help someone carry their large wooden object up a hill. It’s not going to end well.
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