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Green Room - Week 21 - Weekend Edition

I went to see the Hunger Games this weekend. Having never read the books, and experienced the "controversy" (extremely ignorant people say things!!) I'm probably coming at this from an entirely different direction:

(1) Rue wasn't very well developed as a character. I've got to admit, that kinda ruined it for me.

(To be fair, no one outside the Big Two was. I assume they were in the book, and that the movie just hit the high points, trusting the audience to fill in the mental part)

(2) It made me wonder if there were any lawsuits from the Battle Royal folks (there were far more differences (IMO) between Tim Hunter and Harry Potter!

(3) I really liked the build up behind the scenes reality show aspects. It reminds me of some of the interviews that I've seen with previous Survivor players about the months leading up to them being "on the show".

(4) MY GUESS - knowing that this movie covers the first book, and there are two more - and since I'd imagine they'd want to use some of the characters again, that the next season is "All Stars" (or "All Winners" really, since that would be all that was left to go out there to do it again) Audiences love All Star seasons!

Anyway, in our own version of the Hunger Games, we have our own fair of adventure and speculation:
There are the new Topics:
and the Work Room to try to find yourself a PARTNER to work with:
the_day_setup jumped on the live grenade of being the "one who isn't picked", and will be seeing what happens to people who do silly things like that when the poll goes live.
What that means for YOU is that everyone else SHOULD HAVE A PARTNER!

IF you don't, let people know. Also, let me know and I will announce it, to make sure people who are still looking will know.

edit to add: There is an updated list here:

What have you been doing this weekend - and who would you cast in the All Stars: Your Life Edition?
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