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The Gatekeepers

Since the dawn of time, people have wondered “Who are these Gatekeepers anyway?”

It’s a fair question.

Although, to be as fair as that question, people haven’t actually been wondering that since the Dawn of Time. It just sometimes feels that way. It’s only been since Monday!

There was someone coming that had me quasi-jumping up and down. But they had to cancel at last minute. I probably would have been the only one jumping. They have promised to do something for us in the near future though, so I’ll hold off on announcing it now. But, man, that is going to be cool.

Instead, we get a bunch of hacks... oh wait, no we don’t!

We get the largest group of Gatekeepers ever assembled, with tastes that roam all over the place. It’s an absolutely top-notch group of people. I couldn’t have been happier that they agreed to do this favor for Idol.

And please don’t overlook that fact. This is a group of people who took the time out of their lives and schedules. Regardless of the outcome, this is great thing that they have done for us, and I (and I hope you) are very appreciative of the time and thoughtfulness that they gave to this task.

Their backgrounds, and tastes, made for some unexpected, and extremely close results. (Coming later).
I’ll give you a hint though. One of them asked me if I could tell her if there were any unanimous results. Because sometimes, there can be. *Not this time*.

Which, I think speaks highly of the contestants that we have assembled here.It was repeated by nearly everyone that I talked to, about what a talented group of people you are, and how difficult the task of deciding was.

So, without any more of me muttering under my breath, your Gatekeepers:

Season 6 Winner and Someone who is apparently “out saving the world” beautyofgrey

Season 7 Winner, who was able to turn her Idol experience into a blogging job for Woman’s Day: amenquohi!
(Note: she also has a second blog at :, which will be where her fans can find out details as they develop on her upcoming book!

I’m still amazed that we got him, and I hope that he shares some of his insights in various entries, someone who came out of the same fanfic communities that I did, and one of my personal favorite writers, professional or otherwise. Formerly known on LJ as physican, even though he doesn’t use it anymore - “Doc” (as he is known) is literally out there doing life changing work. I’m hoping that the taste of new writers willl get him back to changing lives with his amazing noir some point in the very near future!

New to LJ, she came on specifically to read Idol entries with well over a decade involved in technical writing professionally, and a strong creative writing background, one of the most brilliantly talented people I have ever met heartsparkradio

Next we have someone who has never actually been involved in LJ Idol, but is well versed in it. Anyone who was involved in Idol over the past couple seasons will know and love her work as the mad skills behind that slouch who knows kittymichaels, so her eye for talent is obviously quite high - the one, and only sharya

Known as “Bookish” online, she describes herself as a “librarian and voracious
reader” with a blog at - is way too modest about her background and experience. So I won’t go into it, but I’ll leave it at “extremely honored to have her here”.

oneonthefence should be a household name in Idol homes. For those who don’t know her, she has some videos (includng the one she recorded tonight, right after sending in her votes and oh, yeah, going to ER! ) that will be under her name on youtube. She is also working on second manuscript and should have another screenplay out in April.

Another name that if you don’t know - you need to go back and get familiar with from several seasons back, the legendary mme_furiosa (who didn’t give me anything to pimp for her, but seriously, find her stuff!!!)

What I said for the last two, goes triple for this one. Long time Idol fans are going to be extremely happy to know that you can find her blogging at - the LJer formerly known as heykatie

cacophonesque probably needs no introduction to most of you. But here’s her Etsy, because most people only know her writing, not her other talents:

I think, I covered the ones people might not know off the top of their heads and/or had specific items to mention. The “rest” hardly qualify as that. It’s a shockingly talented group of people, that if you involved this season, you know and love! If for some reason, you missed them, you need to go back and enjoy!

Please welcome back to the stage, the talented and often opinionated:

(he of the 100 Weeks Club!)

talon (the King of Last Minute appearances)
and last, and no one near least, someone who brings an unique perspective everywhere he goes, the one and only zhent!

(if I left out a plug for someone, somewhere I apologize - send me an email and I’ll correct that!)

Thank you to all of the Gatekeepers for all of your hard work!
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