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Vote - Week 20

A few words from clauderainsrm:

Week 20. The week the poets have crafted brilliant loves of bread over, and the bakers have raced around in circles at hundreds of miles per hour to celebrate.

Why? Because anything can happen in Week 20. Look at those numbers! There's a 2 AND a 0!

Seriously, the possibilities are endless! What CAN'T you do in a week like this?

Which is why it was a great time to pull out the stops, declare an Open Topic and let the contestants show exactly what they CAN do. Hopefully, they stepped up their game, but their pedal to the floor and took off to go bake some art!

Unfortunately, two contestants did not make it to the finish line this week, and have gone to join that great Home Game/Bake Sale in the sky! They are gratefuladdict and zalad. Both fought to get here via Second Chance, and were looking like they were going to be around for quite some time to come. It's a shame to see them go out like this.

It also means that it's the best possible time for a GATEKEEPER ROUND.

By now, most people know what that is, but for those still in the dark on the concept, the Gatekeepers are a hand-selected panel of judges, literally "keeping the gate" for me in the competition. They will be reading all of the entries, and sending their votes to me.

Think of it as a contestant only vote, but without contestants. :)

They have until Thursday, March 29th at 9pm EDT to send me their results. I will then compile them, and we will see what they have collectively said.

How many people are going to be eliminated this week as a result of this vote? Well, that's a good question.

As with contestant only, we won't know where the break is going to be - but we can estimate - so somewhere between 10 and 20 contestants will be leaving us this round.

I promised Doom. I'm delivering it!

But wait, there's more! You, the voting public, are going to get the chance to vote too! Not on the entries, but on the number of "closest to" number of contestants who will be leaving us!
Poll #1829246 Week 20
This poll is closed.

Approximately how many contestants should be eliminated this week?

Closer to 10
Closer to 15
Closer to 20

Why? Because that's how we roll! Put on your hoodies and lets go over to Geraldo Rivera's house! It's time to party!

Tags: gatekeepers, season 8, voting, week 20
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