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Results, Topic, and a Surprise

(Posting for clauderainsrm.)

This week we lose two more personal AND fan favorites: dydan and johnmill79.

At this point that is something that will be happening every week. . . we have now reached the TOP 15!!!

Next week we will be at the TOP 10.

Yes. You read that correctly. 5 of you will be going this week.

Which 5? Well that's going to be up to you.

Not entirely though.

It's going to be up to you and 5 JUDGES (Who will be revealed later in the week).

They will comment on your entries with some constructive criticism - and most importantly they will select 5 of you to be EXEMPT FROM VOTING, thereby giving you an automatic spot in the final 10.

The 10 of you NOT selected will battle it out as normal for the final 5 spots.

So what topic are you going to have for this important week? Why your own of course! This is an open topic week. So make your choice wisely - your future in the game is riding on it.

You have until Friday June 8th at 2pm EST (gmt-4) to post your entries back here. GOOD LUCK!

(ETA, for anyone interested, this is week n-n-n-nineteen.)
Tags: gatekeepers, results, season 3, topic, topics, twist, week 19
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