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Vote - Week 18

We start off with the bad news. Then we get to the worse news. And then we get to the news that you really should call your therapist and arrange for a sit down before you read.

I'll start with the bad.

We had some folks who were unable to make the deadline this week, and so had to drop out. Which means we are losing conflabit and vaguelyclear to that fate.

The worse news is that there were folks who didn't make the deadline and didn't post anything about it. They are just as eliminated. But now we have to hope they are OK on top of everything else!
Goodbye to some definite "fan favorites": annaonthemoon, ceiphiedknight and emo_snal.

Thank you to all of you for coming out this season, and helping to make it special.

If there's an upside to that - it's that you have spared yourself the Doom that is coming to the rest!

Which leads me to the final piece of news.

Some people guessed that this was a "special week" of voting. But no one, that I saw at least, nailed what sort of week it was. It seemed pretty obvious to me, given the subject matter. But then again, I have the cheat sheet. :)

It's Contestant Only.

If you are a current contestant, someone in the competition as of Week 18, read the entries:
Then send an email to - that's me. (If you think I might not know it off the top of my head, you should probably include your user name just in case) with your favorites.
You can choose as many, or few, as you like.

You have until Wednesday, March 14th at 9pm EDT to do so.

At which point, the votes will be counted, and depending on where the "naturally break" is in the votes, we will be losing no less than 10 and no greater than 20 contestants. (regardless of "tribe")

I think it's fair to say, Doom has arrived.

Good luck to you all!
Tags: season 8, voting, week 18
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