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Idol Gives Back

There has been a lot of death lately, and the births in Idol have been too infrequent this season! (Get on it folks!!!)

Many of you know that LJ's own popfiend recently lost his beloved wife Lisa. You can go to his LJ for details. But, obviously, it's devastating. I know there are a lot of people who can't quite wrap their heads around it.

I know, for me, that is just too soul crushing to bear. I can't begin to express my sympathies for the lives she has touched. Or the lives that createdestiny's Dad did. Or anyone else's.

I can't.

But I thought you might be able to do that.

It's a completely separate thing. There is no poll, and it's completely voluntary. But I thought it would be something positive to send out to the universe, if you have to, think of it as "Idol Gives Back":

Write about the people that you love, and how they have touched your lives.

It's something that is good to do every single day, but it's something we don't do often enough.

There's always someone raising people for something, or blog-a-thoning for some good cause. Maybe you could do that by adding a link to the entries and encouraging people to show their support.

popfiend mentioned their favorite charity and maybe there is one close to the heart of someone that you love.

I'm flat broke at the moment, but I can raise awareness and spread the word. Hopefully, other people in my own situation will do the same - and those in better places can do more.

Put it out there. Maybe we can raise some money for a good cause, and make something so very senseless into something that brings some positive energy into the world.

edit to add: Leave links to entries only here, to make it easier for people to find them. Sympathies should be directed to the person/people who experienced the loss.
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