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Results - Second Chance - Week 1

It's the evening you have been waiting for - the first class of Second Chance Idolers have the opportunity to move up to the main competition tonight.
They will be joining, or in some cases, re-joining the main fray and the hunt for 1 million dol. . . oops, wrong show. . . the hunt to become the LJ IDOL!

Before that though, we have the bad news. There is at least a little mixed news as well. But one part of it is definitely bad. We have to say goodbye to someone. Because as the opportunity opens up for some, it ends for others, as they rejoin the Home Game.

We were going to eliminate 2 people this week, but there was a 3-way tie for the second spot, which means we will only be losing one.

Which is why I said it was "mixed". That's good news for those three, but it's still bad for the one person who has been eliminated.

Goodbye to greenfernway! Thank you so much for coming back out, and I do hope that we will be seeing you in the Home Game.

Now for the good news. I like this part of the proceedings much better - so I saved it for last.

5 contestants have the opportunity to move forward, entering as of Week 16.

They are:

If you have the ability to count, you may have noticed that is only four. That's because the fifth
has opted to pass on moving forward at this time, and will stay in SCI.

The other four do have this option as well, they can email me anytime between now and the next SCI deadline to let me know if they are moving forward and staying behind.

Until then though, congratulations!
Tags: eliminations, season 8, second chance, week 1

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