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Results Week 14

It's the saddest part of the week, where we say goodbye.

This week is no different, and in some ways it may cut a little closer to the bone, because I know that all four of these folks leaving us this week have wrote something this season that have stood out to me and put them on my personal radar.

It's also immediately following the closing of Second Chance, so although I can say that you never know what could happen next, and mean it. Obviously, it's not something that is right around the corner. Hopefully, they do come out for the Home Game though.

Before we get to that, we have a goodbye of another kind. Because two bouncing immunities went unused this week. Which means they pass from the game.
The ones that were handed out this week though were

roina_arwen handed it off to waveform_delta (that immunity was already given in Week 11, as was the second choice. Unfortunately, that means this immunity has vanished as well)

thaliontholwen gave it to scorbolt
and Emo_snal gave it to his Mom, aka furzicle!

Congratulations to everyone who was given immunity this week. Hopefully, you will hand it off next week to someone next week as deserving!

There isn't anyone "deserving" of leaving this week. I think everyone did a good job. But, unfortunately, it comes down to votes, and those with the fewest each week end up going over to the Home Game.

The four people leaving us this week are:

from Tribe 1 and
from Tribe 2

Thank you to all of of you for helping to make this season special.
Tags: eliminations, season 8, week 14

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