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Vote - Week 14

A few words from clauderainsrm:
Who do you love? Or should I say, "What do you love?" Because we all know the answer is LJ IDOL!!!

Happy Valentines Day-week poll to you.

To show our love for you, our contestants, we will be eliminating some of you! Because it's not true love unless there is some degree of sacrifice. I choose to sacrifice you!!

First up on the block, there were a few folks who decided to drop out this week. Fortunately, I know at least one of them did so in order to join Second Chance Idol. I'm not sure of the others, but I hope they will be doing the same!

Goodbye, for now to
spydielives, who dropped because she is lame!

and there was one bye-out. I wasn't expecting this one, but I really have to hand it to everyone who is clinging on with their last breaths to stay in this competition. Unfortunately,


was not so fortunate to be able to hang on this week.

For the rest of you remaining though, there is a special treat! Not only are you in new tribes - but we will be losing the TWO contestants with the lowest vote count from each tribe! Isn't that romantic and heartfelt? I thought it was!

So make sure to send out your Valentines in the form of reading, commenting and the ultimate "I love you" of voting to keep your favorites close to your heart, and still in the competition.

The poll closes Thursday, Feb 16th at 9pm EST so make sure to get out there and share the love!

Good luck to everyone!

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Tags: season 8, voting, week 14

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