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Green Room - Week 14 - Day 1

It’s a day of links, and answers to a couple questions that I’ve received in my inbox about Second Chance Idol!

So, let’s get right to it!

In case you went to sleep early last night, here is what you missed:

Our newest contestant to hit 100 Weeks in LJ Idol:
The new topic:
Work Room:
Second Chance Idol sign-up sheet:

Some of the questions surrounding SCI revolve around the standard questions people have about the main competition. But since they have slightly different answers to some of them, I’ll go ahead and answer them!

- Can I enter an alt in SCI? Yes. But the same rules apply. You need to notify me of your main account. You don’t have to tell anyone else. But I do have to know. The same rules are in place for entering under multiple accounts (one in the main competition and one in SCI, that there is a point where you’d have to decide which one to go forward with, should you get there with more than one account.
- How long will SCI last? I’m not telling you that.
- How will people come back into the game? When? See above.
- Who can sign up for SCI? Anyone who wants to sign up. Tell your friends!
- Are SCI contestants writing something for Topic 14? No. They are certainly free to Home Game it. But on Monday, it starts SCI Week 1, with a brand new topic specifically for them. They will have their own topic threads and their own polls. The Green and Work Rooms are common areas shared by both.

Any other questions?

If not, how are you doing? If so, well, ask them – and then tell me how you are doing!
Tags: day 01, green room, season 8, week 14

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