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Results - Week 12

Welcome to Thursday.

Yes, I know, the day itself is almost over. But here in Idol, of late, "Thursday" has come to mean something so much more. It's about saying goodbye to old friends, as well as embracing new challenges.

But before we get to that second part, we have to go through the first. It's not running the gauntlet week after week, without losing some people. This week was no exception to that.

Two contestants decided, long before the polls closed, to sacrifice themselves. They are eliminating themselves in order for their tribes to not lose anyone else.

They are michikatinski and tough_doll

The biggest impact of bouncing immunity this week, is that two of them have passed from the game due to not being used.
On the other hand, we did have the following immunities handed out:

cemetaria gave hers to tigrkittn
karmasoup gave it to elionwyr
faerie_spark passed immunity to solstice_singer
alleyalligator did it to sarcasmoqueen
waveform_delta presented ryl with a very nice gift.

These 5 will be passing along the bouncing immunity to someone else, next week! Congratulations to all of you!

But while that might be good news for them. We do have some bad news to handle as well.

The contestants leaving us this week are a mixture of newbie and vet, and the fact that they are leaving I think says a lot about the talent pool of this season. Because it's pretty nifty group of people, that I hope will continue to stick around, Home Game, and maybe even try for a spot to get back in when the time comes.

But, for now, goodbye to


and thank you for everything!
Tags: eliminations, season 8, week 12
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