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Results - Week 11

I've heard people say that their one vote doesn't matter. I've even been reading some people who have said, due to LJ being LJ, that they weren't going to vote this time around.

It's a shame. Because if last round taught us how important each and every vote is, then this week should hammer it home. There is not a single result this week determined by more than 1 vote!!

That right there should say it all about just how tight this competition is at the moment.

Another factor this week, and one that we are getting to before we handle the actual results, is the matter of bouncing immunities.

sonophax had two to give out, and then went to cemetaria and karmasoup
dblicher gave hers to faerie_spark
marjory to alien_infinity
seratonation handed it off to alleyalligator
diagenou surprised no one and gave it to walkertxkitty
createdestiny threw Tribe 4 into a tailspin and used it on behalf of waveform_delta, who was saved from elimination.

and one went unused, vanishing from the competition as a result.

Two of five tribes resulted in ties, including the previously mentioned Tribe 4. Which means that the Redemption Tribe is getting just a little bit bigger.

The contestants joining that tribe next week are: poppetawoppet and seratonation from Tribe 3
malruniel11, mirrorfortress and vaudy from Tribe 4

In Tribe 1, we have a sacrifice that saved anyone else from the tribe from being eliminated.

done_talking is leaving us, and asked me to post the following:
"The purpose of this alt account was to see how long a poetry-only, without friend support or self-promotion of any kind, could survive at the whims of fellow contestants. The writer would like to thank everyone who read, commented, and voted... but does not want to see any more real people eliminated because of an experiment."

Which leaves us down to two people leaving us. Which seems to be the theme.

Leaving us this week are lynxypoo and ceiphiedknight

Thank you to both of you for coming out. I always say this, but I hope you are paying attention and take this to heart. I'm really glad that you have come out this season, and I hope that you decide to Home Game it, because you never can be too sure what is going to happen next, but you can be damn sure that I would at some point, drop a hint or two. :)
Tags: eliminations, season 8, week 11
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