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Green Room - Week 10 - Day 6

Imagine that this is a blacked out space with a link to information about the dangers of SOPA.

There are enough of them everywhere else on the internet, so I don't think it's all that difficult for you to imagine!

Just picture one more. There, now I can actually post a Green Room while you are busy imagining the one that I didn't post.


I judge people.

All the time.

Not by anything other than the content of their character. As seen by me. Which, is a limited sample, but is really all I have to go by. But when dealing with people on the internet, "content of their character" is often the only piece of information you have in front of you.

There are people out there in Internetland who are hailed as saints, who I think are completely phony asshats. Because that is who they were when I encountered them.

There are others who may be auditioning for The Next Top Troll, who because I never got anything other than positive things from them, I think are A-OK.

It's about deciding who you want to be, and being it. And no one is going to succeed at that every single moment. But then, I don't have every single free moment of my time to watch your every move and decide how I feel about you. I'm going to go by what I see when we encounter each other, and form opinions from there.

I'll freely admit that, over the years of running Idol, there have been people that I have simply found to be top-notched. Folks that I was proud to know.

There have been others who have been asshats, who I would rather not know.

There have been people who are asshats, but I understand why they are. . . and may only be that way under circumstances.

There are good people who turn into sanctimonious pricks the moment they think they have an advantage. There are people that I originally didn't care for who turn out to, when the chips are down, have a really good heart and general perspective - and of course the sweet hearts who turn into jackasses the moment they are eliminated, or things don't go their way.

Stress does things to do you.

Survivor has been called the "ultimate truth serum". I think Idol has a way of bringing out that same aspect. You can hide who you are, for a little bit. But not forever. Obviously these are all part of their personalities. Maybe not the most pretty parts. But part of them nevertheless.

Conflict is going to happen. It's a fact of life. Regardless of where you are. I expect most adults are capable of figuring it out on their own. (at least when it's two contestants... when it's a contestant and a non-contestant, that's a different story! ;) )

Which isn't to say that I haven't judged everyone involved, and come to my own conclusions. ;) I probably have. I just trust you to be able to sort through it. I hope that trust is not misplaced.


The one thing that can never be misplaced is the link to Week 10's voting!
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