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Green Room - Week 9 - Day 10

The business of our business – today is the last day to get in your votes!
I’d say there were enough outstanding votes to change the current standings, but I’d be downplaying it. There are still enough outstanding votes to completely devastate the current standings! No one is safe. You are the only one standing in the way of an oncoming tidal wave. . .OK, maybe not. But if you’ve read something and think “Oh yeah, I like that!” I’d suggest throwing a vote their way.

If you have bouncing immunities to hand out, remember to get those to me an hour before the actual deadline!

I’m sure today is going to involve a lot of me processing votes from people, which is understandable. But just a couple of requests to make the process go a little easier:

Just send the names. Try not to include links or a numbering system, commentary or anything else. Sure, some of that can be interesting to go back and look at, and over the past couple of days I’ve seen some that I definitely will be doing just that once it’s over, but on the last day, the easier you make this on me, the quicker I will be able to post the results tonight.

Alphabetical is nice, but if you don’t, it’s easy enough to fix on my end.

If you’ve sent me an email with your votes before today and haven’t received back my official response, please let me know. I’ve been checking my spam filter, just in case, but you never know. I know that I’ve responded to everyone who has emailed up until I left for work this morning. Anything after that – it’s coming. Please be patient.


The results are going to surprise some people.

How do I know that? Like I said, there are enough votes left out there waiting to be case that they could literally go in any direction. But I can say that with authority because I don’t think there’s ever been a contestant only, or gatekeeper vote, that hasn’t resulted in a few “OMG” moments. The veterans are (somewhat) prepared for this. I’m just giving the newbies a heads up on it.

Besides, most people aren’t sitting around going “I should be eliminated”, so it’s always a shock to someone when they are!!

Now to the business of keeping you occupied! ;)
I’m sure most of you have seen the “Girl Scout video” advocating the boycott of Girl Scout cookies because of the organization’s acceptance of a transgendered scout.

It’s probably filling your FB feed and friends list with people expressing their outrage over it.

If you haven’t seen it, I’m sure someone is going to post it as a link to your “what are you talking about?” response and then you will!

I was going to express my own WTF over it, but I think people have that aspect pretty well covered. So instead, I’ll throw out some stuff I haven’t seen much of, from a different angle? Why? (see “keeping you occupied” :p)

- Could this be a really clever marketing campaign to sell cookies to progressives? GSA has a reputation as a pretty open organization – as opposed to the image that the BSA has – they have to know their target audience and how strongly they feel on the issues. I don’t think that I’ve read a single response to it so far that hasn’t included a line about how now they are going to be buying *10 more* (or more) boxes, just to show their support to the Girl Scouts.

That’s probably just the part of me that would rather be cynical and assume “clever marketing stunt” rather than assume that people are like that.

- But some people are like that – they honestly believe that although the GSA has included boys in the past, that transgendered kids shouldn’t be a part of the organization.

The organization tradition does promote giving scouts a sense of self worth and an ability to speak up and make the changes they want to see. If the girl honestly believes what she is saying – isn’t that actually what she should be doing? Engaging in debate on the subject and adding to the greater discussion? By shouting her down, and other negative (and personal) comments I’ve seen directed at her, isn’t that going against those principles? Granted, the rest of the world aren’t Girl Scouts, but you see where I’m going with it. (maybe)

- People need to send me cookies. This is probably the most important point to all of this. It also is a fair warning that I need to avoid shopping centers for the next couple of months if I want to have any money left in my wallet when I leave! So thanks for the heads up GSA!!


That ties directly in to something that I read at the tail end of the Green Room yesterday, that I thought was a good question. It’s something that comes up every season. It’s something that comes up every time you put a bunch of diverse people in the same room. It comes up in my own head every couple of weeks:

“Do people ever comment on things that upset/offend them while reading entries? It doesn't happen often to me, but once in a while I will read a post that actually offends me (which is pretty hard to do), and I never know if I should just leave it and not comment (which is what I always end up doing), or if I should say something.”

I know you always comment on youtubes (unless they disable comments – see video above) but what about entries? What about comments in the GR? What about random person in the street?
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