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100 Weeks

Anyone who has competed in LJ Idol knows that there is no guarantees when it comes to surviving an average week! There's a poll going on right now that will no doubt end up proving that

There are a lot of factors going on, and even if you are sure you can coming out the other side, there is always a chance you are wrong.

Getting into the Top half is difficult. Getting into the Top 20 multiple times is even more so.

Starting in Season 4 - and in Week 7 becoming the third person to complete 100 Weeks in Idol? That's damn impressive.

Stop and think about that for a moment. The time involved. The sheer amount of other contestants who have showed up, and passed through these halls.

There is now a third person ever to meet that mark. In 8 seasons, only three people have gotten to this point. That says a great deal right there. It's definitely an accomplishment!

Week 7 is obviously still going. But he declared the bye! Which means he's automatically survived the round!

Yes. I said "He".

Again, anyone with any sense of the fact that last season was first time that a male contestant has made the Top 3, and the second time one was in the finals - you know how impressive that is that the third person to hit 100 Weeks is a Guy!

Does this make him the Greatest Male Contestant Ever?

Well, it certainly doesn't hurt the argument. If nothing else, it makes him the male contestant with the most endurance! Which I'm sure he would appreciate! ;)

Congratulations superhappytime!!
Tags: 100 weeks, season 8, week 7
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